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Logistics is the science of managing various resources. It takes its roots from the ancient Greek word     λογιστικός  meaning accountant or responsible for counting (source:Wikepedia, Logistics

In shipping this service is a supply chain of management that controls the movement and flow of goods from a point of origin to a point of destination.

Not only does this include modes of transportation;


-Sea and


It also includes 

-Warehouse Storage

-Customs Clearance

-Sales and Customer Service

-Physical processing,

- Packaging or formwork.


"Types of Logistics 

Logistics Management: This type is complementary to the logistics services known from the transfer and supply of various materials, and is based on planning, application, auditing and control of the storage of various goods in a flexible manner. 

Third party logistics. The first party in this type of logistics receives, arranges, stores, saves, transfers, and distributes goods to a particular company. The second party or the service developer provides additional advanced services to customers, such as: research, The third party is responsible for the logistics activities of the company but does not develop them.

 The fourth party is responsible for developing the logistics activities of the company.

Logistics Business: A logistics service provided in a particular business, such as: airlines.

 Logistics Production: Services related to the production line of goods transportation, supply and distribution. Emergency logistics: services that are in the event of transportation of goods or products in emergency situations."

 So when you think of Logistics think FLOW SHIPPING.  We are here to simplify things for you.